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Binh Minh, which means dawn, the beginning of a new day, is also the name of this untamed little sea.

Binh Minh Restaurant is a cozy, lovely space, a convergence of sea cuisine, and local and world cuisine. The chef selects each recipe with attention and prepares it with a passion…

The restaurant has a Vietnamese design, blended with a little nostalgia for old Indochina architecture, with a direct view of the East sea, is a must-see at Bliss Hoi An Beach Resort & Wellness. Along with the inside area decorated with evocative lanterns, the garden is filled with greenery of lush palm trees. Enjoy the calm, serene environment, and feel every breath of the sea, with the sea breeze and the sound of waves while being delighted in the delicacies.

An emphasis to distinguish Binh Minh restaurant is a team of staff from the tiny fishing village, serving with the sincere nature of the sea people, giving our guests a sense of intimacy and comfort as if they were family.