Sharing Hoi An travel experience 3 days 2 nights

Because I love the beauty of Hoi An, I sometimes book a plane ticket to explore the streets and nooks and crannies here. Although I haven't gone to everything yet, it is enough to feel the peaceful, ancient beauty with a little nostalgia about this place. So, you can refer to your 3 days 2 nights Hoi An travel experience to prepare for the upcoming trip!

I. What time should I go to Hoi An for 3 days 2 nights?
As far as I can see, each season of Hoi An has its own beauty at each time of the year. So, as long as you want to go and have the time and financial resources, just go. Personally, I rarely plan to go somewhere in advance, just because I want to go, I find out and decide very quickly.
However, if you don't like rain and are afraid of rain, you should only go to Hoi An in the first 6 months of the year, the weather will be dry and sunny. From January to March you will encounter a shimmering Hoi An scene with lanterns and festivals. If you like the sea, you should go to Hoi An from April to June.

Hoi An Ancient Town at night

II. Which hotel to stay in Hoi An?
Hoi An is one of the most developed tourism cities, there will be no shortage of accommodation options for you. You can easily search from budget motels, homestays to high-class hotels and resorts. For my personal preference, if I want to relax, I prefer to stay at the resort because it has a large space and lots of trees, so it is very quiet and pleasing to the eyes. Therefore, I have chosen Bliss Hoi An Beach Resort & Spa to stay my days in Hoi An.
Bliss Hoi An is located right on the banks of the pristine and romantic Binh Minh beach. If you are a person who likes the sea and wants to enjoy a private and peaceful space, this is the right choice for you.

Bliss Hoi An's sea view infinity pool (source: Bliss Hoi An)

Regarding personal preference, I choose Bliss Hoi An because I am most impressed with the infinity pool here. After a long day of exploring the beautiful old town, return to a quiet space to rest, immerse yourself in the clear water. And I heard the sound of the waves lapping under the shimmering electric lights. It was a real and unforgettable moment of my rest in Hoi An travel experiences 3 days 2 nights.
Each place has its own interesting point, in the center there is a bustling entertainment, in the area a little further away, there is a quiet space. Because I go out a lot during the day, when I come back to rest, I like the most private, free and comfortable place. No matter where you choose, it will depend on the purpose of your trip and the cost you spend. So choose the one that best suits you to have the most fun Hoi An trip.

III,Suggested Hoi An travel itinerary 3 days 2 nights
Day 1: Move to Hoi An – Visit Hoi An Town – 09h00: Fly to Da Nang airport – 10:00: Take a taxi to Hoi An – 11h00: Lunch in Hoi An – 12h00: Check in hotel, resort – 15h00: Walking around the old town – 19h00: Have dinner, take a boat on Hoai River and release lanterns You can take advantage of flying between the hours of and 8a.m in the morning. Bliss Hoi An recommends that you move and fly in the early morning because it may take more time to check in or be delayed. After more than 1h30 on the plane, you will land at Da Nang airport around 9am. From the airport you can take a taxi to Hoi An about 30 minutes. So around 10am you will arrive in Hoi An, if you order lunch at the resort hotel, you can check in and finish eating. Or if it’s not time for check-in, you can take advantage of the time to find a certain place on the way to have lunch first. Food in Hoi An is very diverse and rich for you to choose from. However, at the first meal, Bliss Hoi An suggests you can try Ba Buoi chicken rice. A restaurant that is quite famous for chicken rice in Hoi An, but if you are not convenient, you can visit any other rice restaurant, any food is quite good.

Chicken rice - a must-try dish when traveling in Hoi An

After having lunch and resting for a while, you can resort to the hotel or resort booked in advance to check in. Rest, relax at the hotel until about, you can start walking down the street to see Hoi An. Some places you can refer to such as: Cau Pagoda, Phuc Kien Assembly Hall, Tan Ky Ancient House...

Around 18:30 you can go back to the hotel, resort to shower and have dinner. The first evening you can eat at the resort for convenience. If you still have health, you can take a boat on Hoai River and release lanterns. As for the first day, I thought in the evening to play around at the resort and rest early to regain strength for the second day.
Day 2: Visit Cu Lao Cham - Da Nang
- 7:00: Breakfast
- 8:30: Visit Cham Island
- 17:00: Explore Da Nang at night
- 22:00: Move to Hoi An
In the morning, you should take advantage of waking up early to have more time to visit. If you book a room at hotels, resorts 3 stars or more, it is always accompanied by a free breakfast combo. So you can always have breakfast at the resort for your convenience. Otherwise, Hoi An also has a lot of delicious dishes for you to choose from, don't be afraid to try Hoi An bread!
Let's start at 8:30 and move to Cu Lao Cham. It is famous for its mild weather, cool climate and pristine, green seascapes. In addition to Cham Island, Hoi An also has many interesting spots for you to visit.

Cham Island, Hoi An, Quang Nam

After playing for nearly a day, in the cool afternoon, you can return to the resort for personal hygiene, bathing and changing clothes. Around 5pm you can depart for Da Nang. Da Nang at night is often very bustling with the shimmering lights of roadside shops. At this time, you can walk around the Han River and see famous bridges such as Dragon Bridge, Han River Bridge, Love Bridge...
Food in Da Nang also has a lot of delicious and rich dishes for you to choose from. If you are a seafood lover like me, choosing seafood will be the best. Da Nang seafood is guaranteed fresh and quality.
Day 3: Sightseeing around Hoi An
- 6:00: Enjoy morning coffee
- 9:00: Cycling walking around the old town
- 11:00: Pack up and check out of the resort
The last day in Hoi An do not forget to wake up early to watch the sunrise and then move into the old town to sip an early morning coffee. Hoi An has many beautiful cafes, in different styles that are very attractive. However, to feel the atmosphere of Hoi An most clearly, you should choose ancient cafes.

Next, you can ride a cyclo or rent a bicycle to roam around the streets. A gentle but equally enjoyable experience for tourists when coming to Hoi An.

Walking around the old town on a bicycle - both environmentally friendly and with beautiful virtual photos

A small suggestion, the sooner you go, the more clearly and deeply you will feel the peace and quiet of the old town. Then, around 11am you can check out and move to Danang airport to go home.

The above is Bliss's suggestion for a rather gentle Hoi An - Da Nang tour 3 days 2 nights. Do not list too many different places because Bliss Hoi An wants visitors to focus on relaxing and watching the idyllic and ancient scenes in Hoi An. If you intend to travel to Hoi An in the near future, do not forget to note the schedule as suggested by Bliss Hoi An!

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