The most detailed experience of choosing a resort in Hoi An 2022

Hoi An has always been one of the most attractive tourist attractions in the country. Not only possessing an ancient beauty that captivates people, but this place is also known for its rich cuisine and traditional culture. But how to choose a suitable resort in Hoi An, not everyone knows. Let's learn with Bliss Hoi An and note some suggestions below to help you find a satisfactory resort!

Why should you choose to travel in Hoi An?
Hoi An is a prominent place of tourism in the Central South of Vietnam. Therefore, the accommodation system of resorts, hotels and homestays is growing more and more and is very diverse from product quality, architectural design to price. With personal experience, if you go on vacation, sightseeing, you should choose for yourself a resort in Hoi An with a reasonable price, full facilities with a comfortable space to relax. Why should you stay at a resort instead of a hotel or homestay when traveling to Hoi An:
- First, is a spacious, comfortable space for yourself. Especially suitable for you traveling with family, loved ones or a group of friends to play together.
- High privacy, guaranteed almost very well.
- The location is near and far. Close enough to the entertainment spots, far enough to give you a peaceful resort space, away from the crowded streets.
- Near beautiful beaches, the surrounding scenery is meticulously cared for, you can enjoy the scenery right from the balcony of the room.
- Most resorts are located in convenient traffic locations
- The process of providing services is standardized synchronously and professionally
- A variety of services and facilities for you to freely choose: spa, swimming pool, gym, golf ...

Binh Minh Beach - Bliss Hoi An beach resort (source: Bliss Hoi An)

Resort prices in Hoi An fluctuate on average from 2,000,000 to 10,000,000/room/night. The price of the resorts is based mostly on the size, area and amenities of the room. Depending on the number of people traveling with you, you can choose a resort in Hoi An at a price that suits your individual needs.
II, Criteria for choosing a quality resort in Hoi An
1, Location, architecture of the resort in Hoi An
Resorts must be built at least 200m away from crowded places such as the old town, market, etc., not as close to seaports as possible. The unique design architecture has its own meanings, with a separate door system for employees and visitors. The area of ​​the accommodation system must meet the standards required by the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism.
2, Equipment and facilities
Rooms are clean, neatly arranged according to 5S standards. Full facilities for health care (spa, gym..), relaxation, entertainment (swimming pool), children's play area... in the resort. The water system must be hygienic and have a backup power source in case of unexpected power outages. In addition, there must be a fire alarm system and equipment such as an adequate fire extinguisher according to fire prevention and fighting regulations.

3, Service
All services must be available at all times and respond to customer requests immediately. Diverse services combined together such as accommodation, F&B, entertainment - entertainment ...
4, Service attitude
The attitude of resort staff is one of the important criteria for choosing a resort. Please choose a resort with psychological staff, delicately observant and responsive to customer needs. In particular, they must have a gentle, courteous service attitude, have qualifications -  professional skills related to the job position, gentle attitude, good health and professional service style.

5, Hygiene
The landscape system must be clean, ensure environmental hygiene, ensure food hygiene and safety, public and personal hygiene must comply with the general regulations.
III, Reputable websites about resort information in Hoi An
After the covid pandemic occurred, most people changed their previous booking habits, tourists were more proactive and chose to book most of them online. In addition to the resort's official website channel, reputable intermediary channels appear increasingly popular. Just visit the website with a few steps, you can book a room at a resort in Hoi An and easily pay quickly and conveniently.
Some websites you can refer to information about reliable resorts such as: Booking, Agoda, Airbnb, Traveloka... Also you can know more information about the resort through the honest reviews of previous users to again.
IV,Some notes when choosing a resort in Hoi An

1,Before booking
- Hoi An has a lot of resorts for you to choose from when you go there, but you should still actively book a room in advance, to avoid the situation of running out of rooms. Especially if you go in a large group because of the peak season and holidays, the situation of running out of rooms is very common and frequent.
- Should find out about the resort you intend to book. You can refer to the shares, comments and reviews of those who have gone before to decide if you can choose that resort or not.
- Should determine the estimated budget for the reservation of accommodation. From that budget, you can easily choose a destination that suits your finances and desires.
- Consult the different booking channels of the resort you intend to book to find the best price.
2,During the booking process
- Read carefully information about terms, conditions of booking, payment and policies that customers are entitled to as well as other surcharges of the resort.
- Check fanpage, website...the images on the web, google of the resort are real. A small tip you can read reviews and customer reviews who have experienced at that resort, to know more about the information and quality of the resort.
- Check the resort website regularly because you can add information about attractive discounts and promotions from time to time. But it should be noted, incentive programs often include mandatory cancellation conditions.
- Reservation services usually require a 50% deposit or payment of 100% of the room value to keep the room the day you book in advance. So there is no need to worry if the places require 100% payment before the check-in date.
- In order to properly complete the booking procedures, you should provide your correct and correct phone number and email address. If you book a room through the website, you should also double-check the information before sending it so that the resort can contact you to confirm the information is correct. Since the website is not responsible for email addresses, the phone numbers are not correct.
3,The process after booking
- To facilitate communication and inquire about the necessary information for the trip, remember to save the specific information of the resort such as phone number  (hotline), address, email.
- Before coming, please proactively contact the resort about transportation support as well as preparing the car to visit the places.
- If you like a quiet resort space, you should pay attention to whether the resort's location is close to crowded streets. And the resort is a bit far from the center, the price will be softer and the space will be more comfortable

Hope that Bliss Hoi An's experience of choosing a resort in Hoi An will be of some help to your Hoi An travel trip.

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